How can we integrate blogging into our classrooms?

{Please read this first}

Part 1 – What is blogging?

Part 2 – Who can blog?

Part 3 – Where can you blog?

Part 4 – Why should you blog in the classroom?

So far we have explored and identified ways of blogging and how blogging benefits all those involved in the classroom setting.

Now it is time to generate ideas about how to integrate blogs into lesson plans for learning and assessment.

Mrs Morris of Grade at Leopold Primary School in Victoria gives some excellent suggestions as to how blogging can be integrated into a curriculum in her blog at:

In the comments, we would like you to brainstorm a few lesson plan ideas with a rough structure as to how they might be implemented.

Here are some lesson plans for primary students to get the ideas rolling.

This Bird Can Blog

Webquest based blogging lessons

Range of classroom activities introducing blogging

And here is a rubric you might like to consider when thinking about assessment:

Click for a larger version


Now show us what you think… let’s brainstorm some ideas for lesson plans that utilise effective blogging!


7 thoughts on “How can we integrate blogging into our classrooms?

  1. calebs123 says:

    Blogging would be so great in both of my disciplines geography and junior science. I would love to do a lesson sequence that incorporated blogging into using geospatial tools like google earth or maps. This would be great as a tool for students to post where they go and how often and see what effect town planning has on it.

    For science it would be fantastic for students to blog and update progress on an assignment on flower pressing showing the changes that occur over the period of time.

  2. I have enjoyed this new concept of blogging also, and it is giving me great ideas to incorporate my ICT knowledge in my upcoming grade 2 practicum class. The blog is a powerful communication tool and as young students who are just becoming accustomed to the written word, word processiing becomes more interesting and appropriate challenges are realistic. Its a great way to share skills of digital technology with family members and friends – seeking others to join in together with respect and consideration for everyone’s uniqueness

  3. Rhonda Betts says:

    i think blogging can be used at any age, video blogging for prewriters… oral for grade 3ers learning the narrative. Grade 6ers doing persuasive writing could use blogging… i am really looking forward to promoting a blog of some sort with a class!

    • Yea, children are such unique learners. I am always reminded of Gardener’s 7 (possibly 8) Intelligences, when I look around my classroom of beautiful students. Each one wants to discover and learn about what interest them. With ict it opens up many communication paths and blogging is a great way to make learning a lifelong significant achievement for all of us

    • calebs123 says:

      I love the idea of video bloggin for pre-writing students. I never though of this as a potential. This would be a great way to develop communication and other fundamentals.

  4. I loved one of the presentations we saw during the course (study desk) that showed quad blogging. Four schools from around the globe – one in Australia, one in New Zealand, one in Canada, and one in the USA. Students from the same class level took turns to create the blog while the other three schools commented on it. Then it changed to the next school. What a great way to learn about other cultures, countries, and classrooms. These students are doing the equivalent of instantaneous pen-palling! Another great idea for blogging would be to have the students create a class blog just for the students and parents of the class. It would give parents the opportunity to see what is happening each week and to see the progress of their child. It would give students the opportunity to showcase their work and progress to their parents. It gives teachers the communication channel that most parents are looking for.

  5. Ali McDonald says:

    I think that blogging could be a great tool to use for homework tasks. Perhaps teachers could put the students homework tasks onto a blog where the students answer the homework questions on the blog, possibly with the help of their parents. This would give the students an fun interactive way of doing homework which may make them more motivated to do their homework. Of course this would require that all students have access to internet at home, so perhaps the students could be allowed time to complete the task at school if they need to.

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